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Nail Passion!

Nails has been a childhood passion and there has always been this dream to start a business. All the technology and chemistry related to nails is very interesting, as well as the intriguing look of the products themselves.

There is something about having a good manicure that makes a woman feel feminine and ready for anything!

Painting tiny canvasses is fun and relaxing, the world of beauty has changed so much and nails have become a way of expressing ourselves, not just for beauty anymore. Running a business where people can express themselves freely, without having to worry about what others think, is a goal that creates a sense of contentment.

What do we do with Manicures, Pedicures, soak-offs and refills?


Manicures are a treatment for the hands, what is usually done is the nails will be treated with a file, buff, cuticles pushed back and any dead skin will be removed. The manicurist\nail tech will usually also add a color overlay of the clients choice and any other additives like art will be done on top of the color base.

After all this is done, the hands will be treated with moisturizer or cuticle oil which is applied just beneath the manicure where the nail meets the skin. Manicures are a very popular treatment that most people seek after. It makes the person feel more confident and looking professional.


Pedicures are very similar to manicures, but these treatments are done on the clients feet and toenails. This treatment involves the removal of residual product which may be there from previous pedicures as they tend to last longer than manicures. After this has been done, the feet will be soaked in either bath salts or a liquid soap to soften the skin as feet also have rougher skin, which could be harder to remove than on hands.

Soaking is done for about 10 minutes before the feet are dried and treated similar to the hands. The cuticles will be pushed back too to ensure longer wear of the color overlay that the client may want. Dead skin will be clipped off after this step and filing and buffing of the nail will be done. After the color base has been applied, art may also be done and moisturizer will be applied followed by a foot massage.

Soak-offs and refills

This involves the process of taking off previous product completely or partially leaving the base structure of the previous manicure in place to accommodate the new nail color and art. The soak-off process takes longer than refilling. Soak-offs will be done by filing off the top coat of the manicure and soaking the nail either in a bowl of acetone or acetone can be applied to a cotton pad and wrapped onto the nail with foil or reusable clips. The nails will be soaked for about ten minutes at a time and filed or scraped off to remove the product, it could be needed to repeat this step 3 times to ensure the removal of the product completely.

After the soak-off process, the client will either get a brand new manicure of treatment will be applied to the nail to strengthen and nourish the nails for the next manicure. Refills are much quicker and require no acetone as most of the product will be filed and afterwards a new manicure or the same manicure will be done. This process also applies for pedicures should it be necessary.

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